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Home insulation products

Wall - Roof - External

If house insulation in Ireland such as wall insulation, attic insulation or external insulation was brought up to modern energy conservation standards, saving energy at home would translate to saving on annual energy costs while improving thermal comfort and lowering your carbon footprint. Your home or building, no matter how well insulated, will need a continual input of heat to maintain desired temperature levels. However the input needed will be much smaller in a well insulated home.

External insulation or Cavity wall insulation ?

Many insulation types are available from the Solar Panel People for insulation grants under the SEI - HES scheme for your home. The best insulation depends on the type of walls your home is constructed of and this normally relates directly to the age of your building.

Cavity wall construction (walls with an inner and outer leaf of brick or masonary) was introduced to Ireland in the 1940's and 1950's and insulation in the cavity from the 1970's onwards. This form of construction however was more costly than the older solid wall type and cavity insulation was not introduced to the building regulations until the 1990's.

Solid walls lose even more heat than a cavity wall due to the 'themal transfer' properties of stone or concrete; the most effective way to reduce this heat loss is to fit a thermal insulation 'layer' such as external wall insulation which is fitted to the outside of your home. This is due to the amount of insulation you are able to achieve on the exterior of your home. Insulating on the exterior of your home will help create a more even indoor climate, help prevent condensation on the walls and ceilings and can also reduce the amount of heat building up inside your home during the summer months.

    House Insulation will improve Eco friendliness and maximise heat insulation while lowering energy loss by:
  • Increased Air Tightness
  • Higher levels of insulation beyond current normal standards, externally and internally
  • Reduction in heat loss around windows, doors, floor edges
  • A wide range of home insulation materials are available and all provide the following benefits:
  • It helps keep you warm, provides protection sound insulation from noise and fire while reducing the overall fossil fuel or energy required to heat your home, reduces CO2 released into the environment and helps avoid climate change. Exceptional thermal insulation

Knauf insulation products available at the Solar Panel PeopleA wide varity of insulation products including bead insulation and pumped insulation

Insulation Grants
For information on Sei Grants under the HES scheme administered by the SEAI (formally the S.E.I) and insulation grants on products installed by The Solar Panel People -

attic insulation House Insulation how it works
All our products for wall insulation for cavity wall or external insulation, attic insulation are designed and manufactured to exceed the performance criteria required by the Building Regulations/Standards. They meet the exacting requirements of the construction industry and are produced to the highest standards. All of our insulation contractors are registered with the HES - SEAI insulation grants scheme, ensuring SEI grants are available to all of our customers that meet the SEI grants criteria*.

Heat Transfer
Before dealing with the principles of house insulation it is necessary to have an understanding of the mechanism of heat transfer. Therefore, on cold days, thermal heat from inside a building seeks to get outside. And on warmer days, the thermal heat from outside the building seeks to get inside. Insulation is the material which slows this process.
When a hot surface is surrounded by an area that is colder, thermal heat will be transferred and the process will continue until both are at the same temperature. The heat transfer takes place by one or more of three methods:- conduction, convection and radiation.

Insulation | roofing | kingspan wall insulation | attic insulation

Requirements of an Insulation Material

In order to perform effectively as an insulant a material must restrict heat flow by any, and preferably, all three methods of heat transfer. Most insulants adequately reduce conduction and convection elements by the cellular structure of the material. The radiation component is reduced by absorption into the body of the insulation material aided by a foil 'skin' which can be found on ridgid insulation boards such as 'Kingspan panels' available at the Solar panel people for new build construcion such as an extension.

Correctly applied insulation contributes to:

  • Greater comfort through even temperature distribution
  • Improved acoustics
  • Better moisture control, which can reduce floor squeaks, drywall cracks, structure damage and condensation
  • Potential for increased resale value with a 'Building energy rating' cert.
  • Lower energy bills & a more enviornmentaly friendly home

Rockwool insulationKingspan panels

Cavity wall insulation application Cavity Wall Insulation

A number of systems are available to provide a solution to totally insulate a cavity wall building. A high density polystyrene bonded bead pumped into the cavity will not settle or crack and will greatly improve the thermal efficiency of your home.
Whether you are insulating an empty cavity or upgrading existing board insulation in the cavity, the bonded bead will significantly retain the heat generated in your home. The house is drilled from the outside at ceiling height on all levels and also under each window. The holes are 25mm in diameter (1 Inch) and are refilled with white sand and cement to match as closely as possible the original finish of the house. In homes where there is brick facing on the outer
leaf the mortar joints are drilled to reduce the possibility of damage to the brick or drilled from the inside where appropriate.

Foam insulation is applied to a cavity wall in the same manner as described above. Foam insulation also descibed as 'blown foam, spary foam or liquid foam insulation' has excellent fill qualities ensuring an even and distributed barrier to heat loss in your wall cavitiy. Both Foam and Bead insulation products are suitable for insulation grants in Ireland.
Attic insulation or roof insulation can be applied in either rolls of fibre insulation such as Rockwool or a spray foam application to the inner surface of the existing roof felt. Depending on the level of insulation currently present in the roof space the type and ammount required would be checked by our staff prior to a quote being sent. This will ensure the best level of heat retention is achieved while keeping the best insulation prices available for quality, no nonsense grant approved works to your home. At The Solar Panel People we believe that when we provide the best insulation at the best price you won't hesitate to reccomend us to friends and neighbours.

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External wall insulation diagram External Wall Insulation Systems

We use a high density polystyrene bonded bead solution
to totally insulate a cavity wall building. The expanded polystyrene bead is durable and will last the lifetime
of External wall insulation is the best solution for achieving a warmer environment for the majority of homes.

Between 25 % 40% of heat is lost through an un-insulated cavity wall. By insulating cavity wall, for example, you could be reducing your heating costs by 15% and save around 800kg of carbon per annum. In most houses built after the 1920s, the external walls are made in two layers with a small air gap or 'cavity' between them.
This gap can vary in size, but if you were to insulate it, you would be able to save significantly on the energy you use to heat your home. An external insulation system involves mechanically fixing a minimum of 120mm of mineral fibre insulation, we have a number of systems for external insulation. The level or depth of insulation material is dependent on the restriction of the existing structure of the building. All window sills and reveals are renewed after the application of the system to the elevations of your home. Our external insulation is breathable, fire-proof and a good insulation material to use on existing walls with their uneven surfaces. final finish coat is applied.
The finished render is coloured with a choice available.

All external insulation contractors employed by The Solar Panel People are both HES approved for grant assitance on your project and also NSAI approved to ensure a quality, methodical approach by trained and insured tradespeople on all external wall insulation installations.

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Kingspan renewables range of insulation systems
Kingspan insulation

Kingspan renewables

All Kingspan insulation products available

Kinspan insulation procudt range available at The Solar Panel Peole.

Kingspan Insulation are continuing to lead the industry by providing the ultimate in product flexibility which includes the Kingspan Kooltherm K-range and Therma Range of products, all of which are CFC-free and HCFC-free and have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

All Kingspan Insulation products are designed and manufactured to exceed the performance criteria required by the Building Regulations/Standards. They meet the exacting requirements of the construction industry and are produced to the highest standards including BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 and I.S. EN ISO 9001: 2000

Insulation | Wall insulation | attic insulation | insulation grants | cavity insulation | cavity wall | external insulation | cavity wall insulation | home insulation | insulation grants Ireland | insulation contractors

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